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The truly free is free only to the extent of his own self mastery. While those  who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them. Socrates
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Don’t Mess With Karma

People struggle to make decisions even when approached with clear objectives.

When you see a sales person smile and approach you, more often than not the thought that crosses your mind is: “I need to look really busy so I don’t have to stop and listen.”beautiful working woman

At least 1 in 3 times, you manage to slip away but sometimes you get that one person who is just too sleek. Unless you’re just plain rude, you will be forced to give them a listen. After all, these are the same struggles you went through or probably someone you know is going through… Don’t mess with karma.

You don’t hear half of what this person is saying. Your mind is focused on internal thoughts like:

“How much money do they want?”

“I don’t have enough money as it is…”

“Waiting for the catch…”

“Wait for the right moment to smile politely and say no thanks…”

“Do I look stupid?”

You probably only care to listen if whatever is being sold has crossed your mind before and you think you may get a good deal, or if you’re in a really – really – good mood.

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There are many kinds of sales persons. There’s the guys from the banks, the ones who want you to donate to a good cause outside supermarkets, the struggling student in the parking lot and the most dreaded of all – insurance brokers. I’ve never liked these guys. Whatever they sold never seemed like a priority to me. I mean, IF there is a fire or IF I die in a few years, or IF my house is broken into don’t seem like very legit reasons to take up insurance. Car insurance is difference because of all the matatus that I have to overtake on my way to work. But the rest didn’t seem very compelling.

However, now, things have changed.

A couple of years ago my brother died and I started thinking about getting education cover for my nephew, whose fees I had started paying. He’s a clever little boy and I wanted to start something early so I don’t get grey hair thinking about things I never thought about before – the future.

I asked a few people whether they have taken up insurance and realized that a lot more people have it than I thought. Even those who don’t seem very organized. Let me share some of the audio from the people I chatted with about insurance, why they took it up and what some of the benefits are:

Why I planned ahead

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