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6 Special Ways to Empower your Nanny

If you’re a parent in Nairobi, chances are you have at least one nanny helping you raise your kids.

International women’s day is around the corner so why not think of how you can honor these unsung heroines on the home front? They work long hours taking care of your precious little ones and rarely get recognition

  1. Share a Shopping Voucher

Many of us give shopping vouchers for leading supermarkets as part of end-year bonuses. Why not surprise her with a voucher this coming festive season?  They’re usually valid for several months so she can use it when most needed.

 2. Bequeath a Beauty Basket

As the cost of living in Nairobi continues to escalate, even basic hygiene products seem to be creeping up in price. A basket full of everything from every day soap to perfume for special occasions would be highly appreciated.


3. Contribute to her Chamaa or Church

Your nanny may be one of the savvy savers across Kenya in pooling their resources collectively through a chamaa. For the uninitiated, chamaas are “micro saving groups” , and quite popular with women in particular.  By giving a contribution to her chamaa not only are you directly helping her with money but also in a manner that supports a long-term goal. Many chamaas accept contributions via mobile money or bank deposits so you can put the money directly. Church contributions are another high-impact way to show support and interest in her life outside of working for you.

4. Self-Improvement

 There’s a notable rise in events in Nairobi focused on self-improvement targeting women. For everything from managing your finances to how to dress for success, you can almost attend an event each week. Next time you come across one think about gifting the opportunity to your nanny. We often send our nannies to first aid or cooking courses, which are great but mostly aimed to improve our lives – the idea here is to give them an opportunity purely for their own growth and enhancement.

5. Dish Out a Day Off – If you don’t have extra cash, consider giving extra days off – they’re always appreciated!


6. Sign up your Nanny for the P&G training

P&G is offering a FREE nanny/ house help training to equip them with necessary skills that will enable them to manage your household and enhance personal growth. Through this FREE Nanny Training sessions, P&G aims to teach your nanny how to be better at her work through training and empowerment, how to manage resources better and how to stand out.

This oh-so-important nanny training will be on:

● Time management

● Housekeeping tips

● Personal hygiene and grooming

● Personal development e.g saving, opening bank account etc

● First Aid and Safety

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to sign up for the sessions that are close to your neighbourhood here

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