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Of Pregnancies, Postpartum Recovery and Motherhood

In the midst all the politics and strikes that happened this year, the MumsVillage community was vibrant with engaging information for all our mums-to-be and new mums. From Pregnancy guides, Postpartum recovery or somewhere in between, we had plenty to share with the new mums in the village.

Check out the most popular Pregnancy-related articles of 2018.


1. Things People Say when you’re Pregnant and they shouldn’t

how do i know if braxton hicks contractions kenya african


“How much weight have you gained?”


2.New Mum Glossary: Pregnancy and Birth Lingo

what to expect in a birth class

Antepartum hemorrhage refers to any bleeding that a pregnant woman experiences before birth.


3. How to Cope with Pregnancy Related Disorders

Try sleeping on your left side. This sleep position is always recommended for pregnant women because it can help ease the flow of blood and nutrients traveling toward your kidneys, uterus, and baby.


4. This is what Happens to your Body after a C-section

You might experience involuntary body shakes after giving birth due to the effect of the epidural as your body regains feeling on your lower torso, hormones and the release of fetal-placental products from the body.


5. This is what happens to your Body after Vaginal Birth

Vaginal Birth

Giving birth causes a lot of physical changes to a woman’s body. Whereas every birth has its own recovery, this is what happens after a vaginal birth.


6. Postpartum bleeding: What to Expect

Lochia, how your body rids itself of the uterine blood and tissue during child development, is a natural process. Here’s what you can expect after giving birth


7. Pill or Coil: Which is the Best Contraception after Birth?

Dr Murage advises on the contraception options to opt for after birth.


8. My First Childbirth Felt Like Assault

breastfeeding struggles Nairobi

Have you ever been robbed of your right to make a choice for your unborn baby?


9. 4 Books Every Pregnant Woman should Read in 2018

pregnant woman books/Mombasa


Here are MumsVillage Founder’s Best Picks that you need to sample before the end of 2018.


10. Sex while Pregnant. How to do it Right

products for new mum


Sex after baby is tricky enough when you’re exhausted, distracted and healing but what about sex while pregnant? Here is how to do it right!


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