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7 Struggles of Breastfeeding Mums in Nairobi

Exclusive Breastfeeding comes with a lot of patience and determination especially when you resume work during the first 6 months. If you are a breastfeeding mum in Nairobi you can definitely relate with these,

1. When you express milk and accidentally knock over the milk bottle.



2. When Kenya Power is ‘undergoing maintenance’ and your entire 10 litre stash of milk goes bad.



3. When you step out for two minutes, baby starts crying then the nanny warms 3 bottles worth of milk without understanding how hard it is to express milk.



4. When your relatives try to convince you to give up Exclusive Breastfeeing because you have gone back to work.



5. When you’re rushing home to express milk then you get caught up in rush hour traffic.


6. When your meeting takes too long and your milk decides to show up all over your blouse.




7. Breastfeeding in Public……



Aluta Continua–The struggle continues!!


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Pregnancy & Parenting


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  1. Noni B says:

    Ha Ha …… woooi niokotwe kwangu kwa floor……..the struggles are real. Respect to all mums out there!!!!

  2. Nia Mattakwa says:

    Haha! You guys!!!