MumsVillageShop: How To Use Various Breastpumps

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MumsVillageShop: How To Use Various Breastpumps

In this video, Lactation specialist Esther Kimani and Villagepreneur Sharon Senin show us how to use manual breast pumps; Avent, Medela, and The Lansinoh manual breast pump.

You will learn

  • The different breast pumps available in the market.
  • How to pump.
  • Watch a pumping illustration on how to pump.
  • Pumping hacks when using Avent Manual Breast Pump.
  • Unique features of the Medela Pump.
  • What to consider when buying breast pumps.
  • Unique features of the Lansinoh breast pump.


This video is helpful for new mums, mums who have little to no knowledge of breast pumps.


If you have not had a chance to explore the new MumsVillageShop you can do so here and explore the various breast pump options available to buy here.



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