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MumsVillage Show Episode 8 : Blended Families

Great news!Another great episode of our show is out! This episode we talk about blended families( step families, polygamous families ) and how people navigate these.

Our guests this time around were Wendy Malinda who is the founder of Living In Step Africa and Zena who is from a blended family herself but is also a step parent. They discuss what a blended family really is, the challenges and the misconceptions.


Memorable Quotes:

“Check out the app Tinybeans which helps you save pics and photos of your kids to share with family safely and away from open social network”


 “The best way to prepare is to take care of yourself, be kind and manage your expectations in advance and have some level of respect”


“It’s like a normal biological family setting, but on steroids.”


“Getting married on its own has challenges but now with a blended family, it’s doubled because there are extra people.”


 “Play-dates can be a first step for your children to get to know each other before blending your family”


Here are some of the things our viewers had to say on the show:

If you missed it, catch it here:


We also had a watch-to-win segment with giveaways from:

  • Brown’s Cheese Farm (Brown’s Cheese  partners with Mama Rocks Gourmet Burgers– now you know where the yummy cheese in their burgers come from)
  • 3 Free passes to Zen Cycle Fitness Centre
  • Free family consultation by Wendy Malinda.

All you had to to was:


Stay tuned for our next episode and Wrap Party coming up on the 3rd December at Alchemist!

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