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MumsVillage Show Episode 6 : Healing After Trauma

There is a rare kind of beauty that arises from the pain of trauma. Ruth Mbala and Lavinia Ogolla valiantly tell their stories of triumph over trauma.

Ruth Mbala was in an abusive relationship which extended into her pregnancy with twins resulting in her losing one of them after going into premature labour at 27 weeks. Almost 3 years down the line you can see the strength in her eyes and she has a beautiful 2 year old son.

Lavinia Ogolla went into a coma after a severe head injury that cracked her skull open. She was pregnant at that time and woke up  7 weeks later in hospital confused and saddened to learn that she had lost the baby. However, with strong self will and encouragement she got out of it and today she stands even stronger.

Dr. Carol Chakua weighed in on the types of trauma as well as the steps to recovery.

If you didn’t have a chance to watch the show,watch it below:


Here are some of the things the viewers had to say:

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