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Mother’s Day Feature: The Generous Rita Ouma- Okumu

May being the month to celebrate mothers and appreciate them, MumsVillage reached out to mums in our community, to share their parenting experiences as we #CelebrateMum. This is Rita Ouma’s story.


What childhood experiences shaped you the most? What did you learn from them?

Sharing. My parents used to buy a plate of chips and we had to share with my sister. I learnt to always share what I have with my neighbour.


How would people who knew you in school describe you?

Go getter, Generous and Tough.


How have you raised your children similarly to how you were raised? What have you tried to do differently?

My parents cultured this habit of making us go to church every Sunday. I try and go to Church every Sunday with my son even though half the time is spent chasing after him but he needs to know that Sunday is a day of worship.

Doing differently- My son is still a toddler but I will be more open minded and guide him in making his decisions rather than making the actual decision for him.


What traditions did your parents pass on to you that you passed on to your child/children?

Celebrating Holidays: Christmas, Easter and spending time with family during that time. This Easter we went for a holiday with my son just to bond more and have mommy-son time. It was so much fun.


What three words would you say represents your approach to parenting and why?

Open Minded, Loving, Discipline. This is a different generation one has to be open-minded to the parenting challenges you will face but you have to exercise discipline.



What are some of the most rewarding (and/or challenging) aspects of being a parent for you?

Rewarding- I resigned to take care of my son since he was born a bit underweight. It was a major challenge battling with paediatricians, nutritionists and people who have a degree in the University of unsolicited advice.? Currently, he has achieved all his milestones and I was able to secure an even better job. I feel I have achieved it all.


What was the most rewarding (and/or hardest) period of your career/entrepreneurship journey?

Most rewarding is my current place of work. The piece of mind that I have is worth it.?


What are your thoughts about your current line of work?

It is a mix of family and individual oriented. They are focused on you thriving as an individual and taking care of your family and your wellbeing.


What do you think the world needs more of right now?

Be considerate of your neighbour. Don’t kill or maim someone just because you want to feel better about yourself.


Is there something that you wish you had experienced that you haven’t yet experienced?

Adrenaline rush activities: bungee jumping, sky diving.


At this stage in your life, what are some of your best family memories?

Last Year we were all together as a family after such a long time. We all went for a holiday including my son felt great exploring new places and spending time with my sister after such a long time.


What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received from your mum? #MumWasRight

A woman should be hardworking. Do not sit and wait for your husband. You should have your own money and use it to take care of your family. She’s still working to date. Proud of you mom.


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