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Mother’s Day Feature: Ruth Mbala, The Happy Mum

May being the month to celebrate mothers and appreciate them, MumsVillage reached out to mums in our community, to share their parenting experiences as we #CelebrateMum. This is Ruth Mbala’s story.


What childhood experiences shaped you the most? What did you learn from them?

My parents were very strict.

Especially my mother. There were no negotiations when you were wrong. It was either you shape up or you shape up. This also shaped my older siblings, generally, I can say my older siblings raised me as well and this is because of what my parents instilled in them. I intend to do the exact to my son.  To know the negotiables and non-negotiables in raising him.


How would people who knew you in school describe you?

Ha ha. I was the laughing machine.

I laughed at anything and everything.  I was a happy baby.


How have you raised your children similarly to how you were raised? What have you tried to do differently?

The strictness I grew up with. What I intend to do differently is to know when I can be a mother and a friend.  There’s an openness this creates between yourself and your child. I want to be the first person he runs to when anything happens to him. I want to create a safe environment for him.


What traditions did your parents pass on to you that you passed on to your child/children?

Generosity. The gift of sharing. Well, my son is still growing but this is something we all learnt from our parents.  They are the most generous people I have ever met. I’m trying to be half of what they were and do the same to my son as well.


What three words would you say represents your approach to parenting and why?

Patience  ( God knows I need this)??




What are some of the most rewarding (and/or challenging) aspects of being a parent for you?

Raising a premature baby. This was the most challenging bit about being a parent. I’m a first-time mom and I can say having a whole village help me do this was the best thing that ever happened to me.

To see him grow and catch up with peers besides the challenges we faced is very fulfilling.  It reminds me that we won the race.


What was the most rewarding (and/or hardest) period of your career/entrepreneurship journey?

I’ve always known that I want to venture into entrepreneurship fully. It was challenging to do this when I was employed.  Separating the two was the most challenging bit of it. I can say employment has shaped me and I have learnt a lot in the industry and I hope I can carry this to my next page.


What are your thoughts about your current line of work?

I want to focus on entrepreneurship.  I can’t talk much about this. But I’ll be back to explain this in details on the next Mothers day ?.


What do you think the world needs more of right now?

Humanity. With everything that’s happening in the world, it would be great to come across this.

The world also needs more empowered women.  We need to stand up for our rights and teach every woman about their rights. To stand up for what’s right at all times.

We also need to raise our sons to be feminists and prepare them for the empowered women we are raising because the future is definitely female.


Is there something that you wish you had experienced that you haven’t yet experienced?

Well. I wouldn’t say I wish I had experienced something that I haven’t experienced yet..I’m just looking forward to doing all the things I had planned to do that didn’t happen in the past. We have a whole life ahead of us.


At this stage in your life, what are some of your best family memories?

Holidays.  When we get together as a family. I hope one day we can do this with my sister included who I  haven’t seen in such a long time.


What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received from your mum? #MumWasRight

Focus on your studies and goals in life. That’s all.

Relationships can wait. You have a whole life ahead of you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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