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Mother’s Day Feature:The Loving Cynthia Waka

Mother's day

May being the month to celebrate mothers and appreciate them, MumsVillage reached out to mums in our community, to share their parenting experiences as we #CelebrateMum. This is Cynthia Waka’s story.


What childhood experiences shaped you the most? What did you learn from them?

To be honest… I have no idea. I think I enjoyed reading novels that my parents would buy me as a kid. I would lose myself in the magical world that Enid Blyton would paint for me and it was so real. I believed in magic and in my mind, I knew absolutely anything was possible.


How would people who knew you in school describe you?

I think those who knew me in Lower Primary must have known an introverted bookie. Something happened when I became a pre-teen. I just bloomed I guess. Everyone else knows me as confident and loud 😀


How have you raised your children similarly to how you were raised? What have you tried to do differently?

My mum is no-nonsense when it comes to kids. She’s a fun-lover but does not negotiate with “terrorists”. I try and also be strict especially when it comes to matters integrity, honesty… etc while giving my daughter a safe space to air her feelings.


What traditions did your parents pass on to you that you passed on to your child/children?

Hmm… As a child, I used to wake up to chocolates and/or a bouquet of flowers on Valentines.


What three words would you say represents your approach to parenting and why?

Godly. Open. Loving.


What are some of the most rewarding (and/or challenging) aspects of being a parent for you?

Rewarding: When my daughter randomly looks up and tells me she loves me and she’ll never leave me… that never gets old. Challenging: When I want to do all these amazing fun activities with my daughter and I can’t afford it.


What was the most rewarding (and/or hardest) period of your career/entrepreneurship journey?

The hardest period in my career was when I quit my job and I didn’t have a fallback job. That was one of the hardest couple of months. It grew me and God walked with me through it all.


What are your thoughts about your current line of work?

I’m in advertising. I started out as a copywriter but I’m now an account manager. I didn’t know I loved project management until I got myself here. Loving every moment of it!


What do you think the world needs more of right now?

I think the world needs more honesty … openness. I encourage my daughter to just let me know, even if she’s been naughty then we can talk about it. I’ve noticed that the more honest we are, we get to solve things faster instead of trying to cover up and dig a bigger hole. I try as much as I can to tell it like it is. Of course with love; I don’t want to hurt someone in the name of being honest.


Is there something that you wish you had experienced that you haven’t yet experienced?

Travelling with my daughter. Like proper-crossing oceans type of travelling. We did it when she was months old, from China to Kenya but ever since it’s been a travel-desert. I would love to experience the world with her.


At this stage in your life, what are some of your best family memories?

All my favourite family moments are when I’m with my immediate and extended family; Christmas, New Years. We never have something particularly special planned but being together makes it all the more memorable.


What is the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received from your mum? #MumWasRight

Don’t be too available for a man #MumWasRight



Happy Mother’s Day!



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