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4 Exam Success Tips for your Kids this Year

How can you as a parent or guardian ensure that your child is performing at his/her optimum? I’ll share a few tips to ensure that they will be guaranteed success through this week. I wonder if this was said or shared with me during my KCPE, which I completed the other day…



  1. Sleep: The inclination might be to encourage your child to study hard in the final run. But this is untrue. S/he needs rest during this high-stress period. Let them sleep the full 8 hours to perform at their highest level.
  2. Meals: Have you ensured that they’ve has had a well-balanced filling meal? Nothing like a great meal to increase performance. Usually, when a student is hungry, they get sleepy. We would not want a candidate asleep while he/she is meant to be filling out exam answers.
  3. Encouragement: Maybe you’ve pestered your child for the past 8 years on getting their grades up and studying hard. Well, this is the time to encourage them that all they have been preparing for will get them through this stressful exam period. Encourage them to do their level best.
  4. Read and reread: We were always taught in school to ensure that we have given our work a once-over when we are done writing. Sometimes, looking through the work you’ve completed may make you doubt your answers, so some students rarely do it. But it’s a great practice to ensure all the questions are answered and answered right at that, the grammar is correct and that no wrong answers as submitted (even when you know they are definitely wrong.

Books that are great for your growing child

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A prayer does not hurt as well. Say one for them or with them. Everybody at one stressful point in their lives needs Jesus to take the wheel.

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