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Pregnancy & Parenting

Meditation for moms and moms-to-be for better mental, emotional and energetic health

Pregnancy can be a stressful time, and the demands of being a mom are endless. Creating a meditation practice that works for you can greatly reduce levels of stress and anxiety and support mental, emotional and energetic health during these times. There is no perfect way to meditate: meditation can be short, lengthy, with your children, or even sitting at your kitchen table. The goal is to pause, breathe and disengage from the outside world by going inwards and spending some time with yourself, sensing how you are feeling, collecting yourself to understand what YOU need. For mothers and mothers-to-be, the focus is so much on  constantly seeing to others and their needs and getting things in order that they barely take time for themselves to catch their breath and get in touch with themselves.

How can meditation help pregnant moms?

Meditation can be a beneficial aide throughout the phases of your pregnancy. From reduced stress to sleeping better. You can achieve a healthier mental state when you take time to be kinder with yourself by giving yourself some room amidst all that is happening to pause and meditate.

Meditation During Pregnancy and Labour

Going through pregnancy has its ups and downs, but being mentally recharged and aware of what is happening in your body will give you a smoother ride on the way. Meditation can help  clear your mind of any clutter you may have. This could be many questions you may be challenged with, being nervous about what is to come, or coping with any complications. This is the time to reduce stress, set aside any unwanted thoughts, and breathe.

The experience of labor can be intense. Meditation can help to calm and relax you and help you be more centred so you can focus on your breathing for a better experience during labour and delivery.

There are many ways that pregnant women can meditate, from keeping a clearer mind or being focused on breathing, especially during labor.

How Meditation Could Help Young Mothers

You’re a busy mom. The stress is inevitable, and the days are long. Whether you are a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a combination of both, you deserve a little time for yourself. When you take care of your mental, emotional and energetic state, you will be able to take even better care of your family.

A daily meditation practice can help you manage the anxiety that often comes with being a mother. As a mom it can be difficult to get some time away, so you might want to encourage your young ones to sit with you and make a game out of meditation. Kids love new things to do, and you may be surprised how much they could enjoy it.

Meditation is for anyone and everyone, but for a mother, this may be the thing that can just get you through the day, without losing your hair, and your mind.



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