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4 Keys to Help you Buy the Best Stroller in Kenya

When buying a stroller, there are tons of things to consider. Your lifestyle and budget should largely determine what you settle on. However you go about it be as practical as possible and keep in mind the following facts:

1. Age and weight limit

Most strollers can be used from birth but some are only suitable from 6 months. Consider when you intend to start using a stroller and how long you will keep your little one it because of the maximum weight limit. If a stroller doesn’t recline flat, it is not suitable for infants. And that will be a problem too if you intend that your baby naps in it when outdoors. Always check the stroller manual to be certain about infant suitability. Maximum weight limits are set at 15kgs (up to 3 years) for European brands and more than 22kgs for most US ones.


2. Maneuverability

A stroller’s ability to glide through multiple terrains and take smooth corners is what defines its maneuverability. Generally, front wheels are made to swivel and this function can be turned off with a button (or some other way as provided) when in use in places like ramps or when the swivel is to ‘playful’. A stroller that’s hard to push often gets stuck over little bumps in the ground or any tiny obstacle which should not be the case it’s well-made.  As your baby’s weight increases, poor maneuverability will be even more obvious if it was already hard steer. Choose a stroller that can generally withstand diverse terrain given our type of walk ways.  Multiple terrain stroller wheels can be inflatable or made of rubberized plastic. Strollers with inflatable wheels tend to be large, and heavy, and more often, expensive.


3. Folding

One-hand folding mechanism is becoming more common across brands.  Women tend to handle strollers more than men and the stress of a pushchair that’s too complicated to fold and unfold is something manufacturers seem to be taking cognizance of. Test a stroller before purchasing it and decide whether you like how easily it folds and if it’s something you can do alone with an infant in one hand and a clingy toddler by your side.

4. Accessories


While you’d imagine something like a bumper bar, child tray or parent cup holder should be part of your purchase, some brands sell these separately. Bug covers (a mosquito net, really), rain covers (we don’t use them much on this side of the world), foot muff and storage caddies are other accessories sold separately. European brands tend to come with a rain cover and foot muff as part of your original purchase. Know what accessories you value and are not willing to buy separately. However, the more extras your stroller has the more it will cost.

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