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Is the Behavior of My Two-Year-Old Normal?

The reputation of two-year-olds often precedes them. The phase gets the nickname “terrible twos” for multiple reasons, namely the tantrums that come with the 24-month mark. You’ve heard a lot about the terrible two phases, though, with a little knowledge of what to expect, you might find yourself delightfully prepared.


Changes in Play

At this age, two-year-olds tend to remain independent during play. If you observe your child in groups, you will likely notice that they play beside other children but not actually with them. While your child may appear to prefer being alone, it is ultimately beneficial for them to remain near other children their age.


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Don’t be fearful immediately if your little one is caught in the act of a hit or push. Kids at age two tend to be a bit more aggressive towards one another not with the intent to cause harm but in their immature stages of emotional development. They are not yet aware that their actions cause harm, so allow them to work there feeling out.



Your two-year-old loves routine. Daily activities like bedtimeeating schedule and playtime will run much more smoothly if your little one can expect what’s coming next. By establishing a healthy schedule now, necessary practices will be second nature when they become young adults.



Around this age, your little one is on his way to becoming a big one. Your two-year-old wants to make their own choices at every turn. Their desire for independence that they can’t always have is the source of tantrums, bossiness etc. Rather than throw your own tantrum beside them when pushed to your limit as they deliberately disobey you, try to understand that they are testing their boundaries and need you to rationally define their limits for them.


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In short, the twos can be terrible if lacking something key: patience. Your small one is doing the best they can with very minimal emotional development. Not to say that they can’t or won’t act out of line, but chances are, more often than not they have a reason for doing so. The next time your terrible-two displays less than desirable behaviour, try to get on their level (mentally and literally) and talk through their behaviour. By empathising with your little one, you might find their twos to be a little brighter.


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