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20 Indoor Activities to Keep The Kids Busy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak means a lot of time spent indoors due to children’s schools being closed. Keeping your little ones entertained during this times is important for your sanity. Luckily we have a list handy for times like these so you can keep the kids occupied with activities while keeping your sanity at the same time.

  1. Create Box Cities

Do you have cardboard (or any kind) of boxes used for transportation or packaging collecting dust in the closet? Have the kids make cities from the floor to the ceiling (or as high as they’ll stack safely) that they can crawl in and out of for hours.


  1. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Hide a favourite toy of theirs, or maybe small amounts of money for kids slightly older. This is a game that keeps on giving since there are infinite hiding spaces for infinite objects. Maybe even make a scavenger hunt of a list of items.


  1. Hide and Seek

When all the household items have been found, hide yourselves! Kids love feeling like they’re given some responsibility so letting them go off on their own for each game gives them a sense of independence.


  1. Put on A Movie

One of the oldest forms of entertainment, a little theatre is always a good idea. Cue up their favourite film and let the screen keep them engaged. Here is a list of educational Netflix shows by age. 


  1. Charades / Puppets

Power out? Find any puppets laying around or simply play old fashioned charades. Games can go on for as long as you’d like.


  1. Shadow Puppets

Is the sun going down? Make use of the darkness and any flashlights or candles and make shadows come alive on the walls!


  1. Bake

What might normally be a messy alternative to playing outdoors might now be your best option! Make any and everything from scratch and uses any colourful icing you have on hand to make your child’s inner artist come alive. Teach your child how to bake with these 5  easy steps. 


  1. Colour

Have a contest to see who can draw the best picture of the dramatic storm outside, thunderclouds and muddy puddles and all.


  1. Dress Up

Sacrifice your organized closet for entertainment. Let the kids go through their closet and yours to make the best outfits and hold a fashion show.


  1. Read-a-Thon

Read for hours with plenty of snacks on hand. You can buy and add these books from Local authors in your reading list. 


  1. Play Cards

So many different games can be played with a deck of cards. Play your favourite or teach new ones. When you run out of card games, make a house of cards!


  1. Cleaning Competitions

Trick them into doing chores by offering small rewards for picking up the fastest.


  1. Make Science Experiments

Grab baking soda, glue and any other materials safe to the touch and allow kids of age to create slime and other mixtures, playing with consistency and colours.


  1. Write

Write letters to relatives and friends describing the inclement weather or how your school day went.


  1. Make Instruments

Make instruments out of household materials. It might be fun to see who can make noises that sound like the storm outside.


  1. Makeup Recipes

Take a peek inside the fridge and have them come up with recipes for you or their siblings to try.


  1. Storytell

Take turns telling stories.


  1. Puddle Jump

Put on your coats and grab an umbrella and take a break outside to hop puddles and dance in the rain.


  1. Have a Dance Party

Put on their favourite songs and dance away all the built-up energy. Here is one you can do together


  1. Crafts

Make crafts from recyclable materials in the house.


Any other activities that have worked in your household? Let us know in the comments below.


Download Our Detailed Outdoor and Indoor Kids Activities Guide.


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