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An Open Letter to a Victim of Bullying

Bullying/Teenagers struggles in Kenya

For every content individual who has never faced bullying, there are twice times as many who are familiar with eating lunch alone in the library, have heard conversations come to a halt when they pass and have had nicknames given to them without their knowledge at their expense. Kenyan students in secondary school are experiencing  higher levels of bullying than the international trend, having detrimental impact on self esteem.

Not to concern you, but the situations of bullying may not improve. This may sound contrary to the popular saying “things will get better”, and they very well might, but there will always be individuals who feel the need to put others down and feel they can benefit from the power hierarchy of the bully over the bullied. Don’t take this with defeat.

Five year olds, teenagers and adults can all find themselves vulnerable to bullying. People may treat your emotions with carelessness and purposefully inflict pain. While these circumstances may show no sign of improving, your reception to these situations is all dependent on you. Find your circle and hold them close, for they will help you through moments of doubt.


Some 3 million students fall victim to bullying annually, so you can guarantee you are not alone.

Though it may not sound too comforting, when you are crying because your friend started a rumor about you or wondering why those around you are not receptive to your personality, you can more often than not guarantee someone before you has and someone after you will go through the same situation.

You’ll soon find that it is awfully hard for those around you to love and accept you if you are not loving and accepting of yourself.

It may be your first response to want to change yourself and invent yourself in the vision of others, but this will only tear you down. It is human nature to be yourself and no matter how hard you try to hide “you”, they will always come out. Take time yo love yourself and your own company. Become your own best friend.

Hard as you try, you will never be able to control those around you. Who can you control, you say? Who you become. No insecure bully will have the slightest impact on your future or success. Perhaps your potential for great success is why they chose to pick on you in the first place. Think, what makes the bully, bully? Typically those who inflict distress on others and enduring distress of their own on the inside. They are less fond of themselves than you. It is your task to not allow them to bring you down to their level. Rise above it all.


There will always be someone in your corner.

The person writing this has experienced bullying in multiple forms. When you are a victim of bullying, it may seem that you are the only one, when in fact you are the majority, and that is where you find strength. Imagine if you had the power to call together anyone who has ever been bullied or feel the way you do in this moment. You’d probably have a pretty big team on your side. Think of them when you feel alone.


Editor’s note: If you are being bullied, telling your parent or friend is the best way to make it stop, but sometimes writing a letter is easier than explaining things face-to-face.


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