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Expert Perspective: Should you tie your Belly after childbirth?

When you give birth, you are often advised to tie your belly to help it snap back to pre-pregnancy size. We asked our MumsVillage Expert Midwife, Lucy Muchiri of Eve’smama Ltd. Here is her professional answer to that question:

Yes, belly tying does help but only psychologically.

How? Well, once you deliver and your baby is out, the abdomen area feels very floppy and void. Holding it in by belly tying, helps the mother feel better and more together. But for muscle toning and actual weight loss, it really doesn’t help.

I always say that if tying your stomach (waist training) actually worked to help lose pregnancy weight and tone up your abdomen, then if you wanted to reduce your hips and thighs all you need to do is wear tights, support hose, and tight jeans.


Research has proven that if you want to lose your belly fat, breastfeeding is a much more reliable means. Breastfeeding advice: it makes you lose weight because by nursing your baby, you burn a lot of calories. These calories first come from areas where you accumulated a lot of fat during pregnancy, including the belly area. Also, pregnancy exercises when you are pregnant help you get into shape after you deliver. Secondly, when you are breastfeeding, the hormone that lets down milk (oxytocin), stimulates the uterus muscles to contract, which reduces the overall size of your belly.

Has your bundle of joy arrived? Breastfeeding them will create a special bond between you and your little one as well as help you lose your belly fat. Storing your breastmilk will ensure your little one enjoys it even when you are not around. Get your breastfeeding accessories from The MumsVillageShop

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