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Looking for a Kindergarten in Nairobi? Find it here

Finding the perfect Kindergarten for your child can be a tedious affair. The cost and location of the Kindergarten are the things parents consider the most before settling on a school.

It’s important to note, apart from deciding to have a child, picking a suitable school for them could either set them up for future success or failure.

Last year Little Green Chair (LGC) set up a handy official database for parents looking for Kindergartens in Nairobi. It allows the user to tailor their search based on their budget, location and the child’s age.

Depending on the school you select, you will be able to find out about their facilities, policies and curriculum.


LGC's Database for Kindergartens in Kenya.

LGC’s Database for Kindergartens in Kenya.

Before you settle on a school, GreatSchools recommends you first know gauge its suitability based on four easy-to-grasp categories: the four Fit Factors. These Fit Factors are simply a way of sorting out your child’s (and later, your family’s) many features in a way useful for identifying your school needs. They include:

What Your Child Learns: These are aspects of your child that affect what subjects and at what level of difficulty your child should be taught at school. These include your child’s Basic Learning Capability, other capabilities, and interests.

How Your Child Learns: These are aspects of your child that affect how a school should teach and interact with your child both in and outside of the classroom. These include your child’s learning styles, motivation, physical and mental health challenges, behavior challenges, learning disabilities and disorders, and self-understanding.

Choosing the perfect Kindergarten for your child.

Social Issues: This includes the need for social contact with particular friends from the child’s perspective.

Practical Matters: This includes essential extracurricular activities that may be compelling choice factors for some children.

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If the school allows for it, organise a pre-visit with your child. Then observe how the teachers interact with your child and whether or not the child feels safe in their presence and the school in general.

In the long run, picking a suitable kindergarten for your child is a personal decision. Follow your gut instinct. If you find one that works and your child fits right in, then you have a winner.

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