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What my Preschooler has taught me

Yesterday, my daughter and I had an argument (if you can call it that). She refused with all her 2 year old determination to get dressed. She wanted to wear a pink dress (no surprise) but the particular pink dress she wanted to wear this time was her tutu with no jacket on a rainy day. It was not going to happen, hence the argument. It went like this, her crying, kicking, tantrum-ing on the bed and me trying to keep my composure. After quiet but strong words we managed to get her into something more weather suited and off we went.


For her, the argument was done the moment we were out the door. For me, I had lingering questions and emotions about the episode. I was upset, frustrated, I questioned if I was being a good mother, if I am too lenient, etc. However, my daughter was already on to the next thing, pointing out trucks and motorcycles and playing with her brother. In that moment, I envied her. Her ability to let go, move on and be present in the next moment. She didnt second-guess herself as a daughter or as a person. She felt what she felt, she let it out and she moved on.

Be Present

Our little ones have an amazing ability to be present, to feel fully and to carry on. It is a talent I am re-learning. In many spiritual practices we have been asked to do exactly that; to be present and to let go. How great would it be to cry, stamp feet and then move on with no emotional baggage? Instead our maturity is impeding our spiritual and emotional growth. If only we could be more childlike, experience every moment and move onto the next experience. I think we would be much healthier for it. I challenge us all to be more like our children this week, don’t bog yourself down in things, don’t over criticize, over analyse or over think, be and move on.

What lessons has your child recently taught you?

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