The Top Tips for Caring for Your Teeth During Your Pregnancy

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The Top Tips for Caring for Your Teeth During Your Pregnancy

Most women take a number of precautions when they are pregnant. This, of course, is because they are aware that their health can have a direct impact on their baby. What many soon-to-be mums don’t realise, however, is that their dental health is just as important as their overall well-being. 

When you are pregnant, your hormone levels can fluctuate quite a bit. One thing this can do is limit blood supply to your gums. Another side effect is that an increase of progesterone can make you more prone to various dental diseases. As you can imagine, this negatively affects your fetus. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, here are the strategies you can rely on: 

Clean Teeth Carefully After Morning Sickness

It turns out that morning sickness isn’t just an uncomfortable experience, it can also be a nightmare for your teeth! This is due to the stomach acid that is brought up whenever you are sick. This can soften enamel and cause it to wear down after a while. 

This is why you should never brush your teeth after you are sick. Instead, thoroughly rinse out your mouth with water or an alcohol-free fluoride mouthwash. Wait an hour before brushing your teeth. Otherwise, you will be simply rubbing the acids further into your teeth. 

See Your Dentist More Often 

Though you are at a greater risk of developing certain dental conditions when pregnant, there is a way to lower this risk considerably. Make sure to visit your dentist more often so that he or she can conduct deep cleanings. This will get rid of any bacteria still lurking around. 

Of course, these additional visits may get a little pricey. If the cost seems to be adding up, you may want to visit a dental centre Turkey. The prices for oral healthcare are often a great deal lower in this region. 

Be Careful of Cravings 

Cravings are quite common among pregnant women. However, think twice before reaching for your favourite snack. If your craving is sweet or acidic foods, it is best to give them a miss as much as possible. Sugar can increase the bad bacteria in your mouth and lead to tooth decay. Acidic foods can damage your teeth. 

Instead, make sure to stock up on healthier alternatives such as calcium-packed foods. To make it easier for your body to absorb calcium, get enough vitamin D as well. Last but not least, add crunchy fruits and vegetables to your diet as these can help to keep your teeth clean. 

Be Rigorous About Your Daily Cleanings 

Now that you know you are at a greater risk of tooth and gum problems, you need to be more careful with oral hygiene routine. This means making it a point to clean your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. 

If you don’t regularly floss, this is something you should begin doing at least once a day. This will help to clear out all the food that gets stuck in between your teeth and below the gum line. Such a practice can greatly reduce the chances of you experiencing various issues. 

These are the main tips to follow to care for your oral health while you are pregnant. Taking these precautions can help to ensure that your baby is born healthy and happy. 


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