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8 Weeks Pregnant

You are now 8 weeks Pregnant! Your little bundle of joy has grown from just a handful of tiny cells and can now be medically termed a embryo. He is about the size of a raspberry.

He is looking less like a bean and more like a human being. His skin has begun forming and he is developing eyelids, little fingers and toes. It’s too early to start thinking of Kenyan baby names because, it is not completely discernible to whether it is a boy or a girl. Their genitals begin to form at this stage.


Your changing body

During this week, the changes to your body are more visible and your belly may be having a little bulge. If you haven’t started taking iron, and folic acid supplements it’s important to request for the supplements from the doctor or nurse at the prenatal clinic.

Your breasts may begin to feel tender, this is because your milk ducts are now beginning to form for breastfeeding. Your nipples may also be a little bigger and you may not want to wear very tight bras, don’t despair Mums By Kare has the right products for your comfort and style. They Deliver too!

Nursing pads will be essential after delivery to absorb leaking milk and prevent staining your clothes. Shop Now at The MumsVillageShop


For most of you mums to be who are 8 weeks pregnant, there may be a feeling of kinyiria : Kikuyu term for nausea and it has become part of your morning routine. Vomiting in  the morning, or as a reaction to certain smells or tastes is normal and some of the ways to help you cope with this is to have try the Mint sweets (Tropical) and stay hydrated. Lots of water and fluids ensure that you replenish what you lose.

Many women at 8 weeks pregnant may experience the urge to urinate more so make sure you go to the toilet as often as you need to. During this week you may also start feeling light headed, especially if you have been standing for too long. Avoid situations that drain your energy and rather keep off your feet.




This week’s tip.

If you haven’t already made an appointment with a prenatal clinic, it is important to visit one as soon as possible. They will check your weight, blood pressure and monitor your health and that of your baby. Focus on eating nutrient-dense foods rather than piling on the junk food by “eating for two.” Food containing Healthy fats like avocados, eggs, coconut, butter and whole milk are important in producing a feeling of satiety and are also important in providing your body with sustainable fuel for your heightened pregnancy metabolism. But, you can also research more about pregnancy.

While the nausea and light-headedness may be uncomfortable, it’s important to find a remedy that works for you, it could be mint sweets, soup, or a fruit of your choice. By the time you are 8 weeks pregnant, you definitely should be taking your prenatal vitamins. If you have an aversion to tablets, increase your intake of natural multivitamin superfoods like moringa and  chia seeds. All these are good for pregnant women.


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