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7 Weeks Pregnant

You are finally 7 weeks pregnant and the big development this week is that,  your little one’s hands and legs have begun forming.

It may still be months before they can reach out to grasp at your hand but they are growing. He now has tiny webbed toes and fingers and his hands are slowly dividing into hand, arm and shoulder segments. At 7 weeks pregnant, his tiny legs are also dividing into knee, foot and leg segments and is taking the form of a tiny human. His facial features are also slowly appearing in the form of black spots where his nose, mouth and eyes will be in a few short months. His sex glands are also beginning to form. It will be several weeks before an ultrasound can show the baby’s sex.

He is about 1.25cm long now, the size of a bean. The other part of his body that is growing rapidly is his brain which is rapidly regenerating about 100 new brain cells per minute. His ears are slowly developing, his skin is almost transparent and you can see the veins criss-crossing underneath it.


Your changing body

You may not look it but by now you are definitely feeling pregnant and all the earlier pregnancy symptoms remain. If you are asymptomatic (fancy word for feeling no symptoms), relax, it is normal. At 7 weeks pregnant, It might not show but your uterus has doubled in size since conception, to accommodate your rapidly growing little one. The mucus plug which will keep your uterus sealed until delivery is also forming.

sick woman

He is growing fast and as a result you are still experiencing fatigue these are just some of the signs you are pregnant. Hang in there. The good news is that if you are one of the lucky women who experience nausea only in the first trimester (or never!), you just need to wait four more weeks and the nausea will be gone.

Watch out for skin changes this week. If you’re lucky, the pregnancy hormones may give you that smooth bright pregnancy glow and if not, your skin may break out. Fortunately for some and unfortunately for others,these changes will not be permanent.

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This week’s tip: This is the time to compile a list of questions that you will want to ask your medical practitioner at your upcoming prenatal visit.


On your first visit, there may be a lot of new information which may be overwhelming. you can also visit pregnancy websites and keep a pregnancy calendar. It is good to note these questions down so that you do not forget. Nurturing moms is a great place to start when you want doula services and child birth preparation classes.


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Pregnancy & Parenting

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