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16 Weeks Pregnant

avocado 16 Weeks Pregnant

The good news is that when you’re 16 weeks pregnant your baby can hear your voice and all the other sounds around you aided by the tiny bones that are forming in his ears.

Now would be a good time to start speaking to him and singing to him. The baby is gearing up for a spike in growth but right now, if you could hold him, he would fit in your palm. At 16 weeks pregnant he is about 11 cm long, weighs about 80 grams and is as big as an avocado and over the next weeks, he is going to grow at a faster rate. In about three weeks he will have doubled in weight. You will need to feed well for this next phase.

His circulation and urinary tract systems are now functioning fully. The only thing that baby has to play with in the tummy is the umbilical cord. When in an active state, he will clutch and tag at it. His head and neck also look more erect. The cartilage that makes his skeleton is starting to harden into bone. His nervous system is also starting to work and baby will now start to move on purpose. Ultrasounds have shown babies moving their arms to protect their eyes from beams of light at this stage.

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Your changing body

If you started out with a normal BMI, you have added about 4 kilograms. Your tummy is now a nice bump. Try not to obsess about the increasing weight. Think of it like this, each added kilo brings with it nourishment for your little one. Buying an accessory or an item of clothing may help you feel better about it.

It is advised that you start sleeping on your side from when you are 16 weeks pregnant on wards as this position is best for circulation. Now is the time to start buying pregnancy pillows or just other extra pillows to help you sleep in this position. You may also start experiencing pregnancy back pains at this point. Your breasts are also rapidly increasing in size at this point. Start looking for comfortable and firm bras from our listed mum and baby stores in Kenya.

This week’s tip: This week you may experience nasal congestion. Many pregnant women struggle with it at this stage. It is a sign that the mucus membranes in your nose are swelling from the hormones. You may even experience nose bleeds. Avoid using any over the counter drugs – talk to your medical practitioner about it first.

Stuffy noses are quite common when you are expecting. Ensure to carry water wipes with you to clean up your running nose.Shop Now at The MumsVillageShop




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