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13 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to your second trimester! At 13 weeks pregnant, your little one has got her own unique set of fingerprints. She is about 6.5 cm long from crown to rump and weighs about 25gms. She is the size of a peach.

Small bones are beginning to develop in her arms and legs and little veins are now visible underneath her transparent skin. If singing is part of her destiny, you’ll be delighted to know that her vocal chords are forming. Her head is still half her body size meaning she doesn’t look completely human yet from a proportion standpoint.

Another big development at 13 weeks pregnant is that her intestines are moving from where they have been developing in the umbilical cord into where they will stay in the baby’s abdomen. If the baby is a girl the number of eggs in her ovaries has doubled from the number she had at birth to two million.

Your changing body

Morning sickness during pregnancy may have subsided at 13 weeks but exhaustion lingers. This is something that you just have to learn to adapt to for the rest of the journey although some women enjoy a new burst of energy now. Your tummy is now becoming rounded and you may begin getting a few knowing smiles. Your internal organs are beginning to shift to make room for your rapidly expanding and, as a result, your tummy is feeling a little cramped. That feeling is the feeling of being pregnant.

The good news is that at 13 weeks pregnant you may notice a spike in your libido levels. Embrace it and take time to enjoy your partner is these feelings may change further up the pregnancy. If you have a history of early labor or miscarriage, you will need to talk to your doctor about this to find out if you need to abstain from sex.

This week you may notice a difference in the volume and texture of your vaginal discharge. It may now be thick, milk and mild smelling. Relax. This isn’t a symptom of an STI. This discharge is caused by an increase in the production of estrogen and its purpose in your body is to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the vagina. An informative take-home tip for  this part of your pregnancy is using a pant liner to avoid soiling your panties.

This week’s tip: Consider consulting with your medical provider on whether and when you should do an ultrasound. Make arrangements to make this visit together with your partner because it will help him slip into father role soon enough and to also be a more supportive partner.

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Pregnancy & Parenting

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