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11 Weeks Pregnant

At this point you are way past ovulation and the “I think I’m pregnant” stage. From head to rump your baby at 11 weeks pregnant, now measures about 4 cm long and as big as your thumb.

He may not look very big but he can stretch his tiny hands and even move around. You will however not be able to feel this moving for a number of weeks. Your little one is slowly taking the form of a human but his body proportions are still quite different than those of an adult. At 11 weeks pregnant, his head is the same size as the rest of his body.

His ears are now almost fully formed and he has open nasal passages on his face in place of a small nose that will start growing soon. Soon, he will be able to close his hands into a fist.

Your changing body

It is a relief that the nausea and the feelings of queasiness are slowly going away for most women. Your energy levels are also higher than they were last week. You are however still struggling with the constipation and heartburn. Try and take a break to relax by walking or visiting a local spa to keep your mind off it and get a special pregnancy massage.

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You may not be vomiting in the mornings but you still have excessive saliva in your mouth and that urge to continually spit it out. Pregnancy hormones are to blame for this uncomfortable buildup of saliva. The good news is that this is completely normal. The bad news is that there is nothing that you can do to stop it. You just need to wait this one out for a few more weeks. You can however make it a bit better by chewing on sugarless gum. Some pregnant women find minty gum works for them. Also keep your mouth clean.

If you look at your naked tummy, you will notice that a dark line running from the belly button to your pubic area is forming. This vertical line is known as linea nigra and may measure up to 1 cm wide. This is as a result of your abdominal muscles separating to give room for your little munchkin and should fade a few weeks after delivery. You may also have started tipping the scales and this can be worrying for some women. Keep your focus on the little human growing within you.

This week’s tip: Your breasts are feeling extra sensitive this week. This may be something that you may need to talk through with your significant other. He may not understand why you do not want to cuddle and may misinterpret it for rejection.

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