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Your Baby and Harsh Climate : What to Expect

Climates can often be rewarding with a warm sun or a gentle rain but it can be unkind on your little one’s skin, if care is not taken.

Kenya, like many other places is renowned for its beauty with people coming from far and wide to see and enjoy it. However, such beauty can come with a cost that you, as an adult, may be used to but not your little one. The sun gives life and warmth to plants and animals but it can be extremely harsh on your little one’s skin. Even rainy seasons can be damaging to your baby’s skin as there is an excess of humidity and/or moisture in the air.

Remember, your little one’s skin is 30% thinner than adult skin and loses moisture up to 2x faster than an adult’s. Yet, moisture is the leading cause of rash. Thankfully as the Swahilli saying goes: mti hawendi ila kwa nyenzo (you need to have proper tools to carry out any task) and this is no different when it comes to keeping your toddler’s skin smooth, soft and protected. This is why there is JOHNSON’S® Baby Jelly and JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil Soap, so that you can have the proper tools to care for your baby’s skin in any landscape.


JOHNSON’S Baby Jelly has a soft gentle texture that spreads effortlessly and contains nourishing oils that are easily absorbed. It provides 24-hour moisture protection, making sure your little one’s skin stays softer and looks healthy for longer. Also, Baby Oil Soap is formulated with added oil to gently cleanse without over-drying. It’s a mild cleanser that leaves your baby’s skin feeling soft and smooth.

These two products are the perfect combination to combat unforgiving environments. It ensures that your little one’s skin stays soft, smooth and protected for 24 hours. It has been specially formulated to work in sunshine, rain or snowfall.

Here’s some helpful baby tips to remember from some first time mums:


Doroth MalakatiAfter the birth of a baby, the baby’s face and neck will develop rash.   My mother called that “ISHIMNCA”.  After cleansing, she taught me to apply Baby Jelly to protect the baby’s skin.  I use JOHNSON’S products on all my babies, they are number one.


Tanya JacksonMy mum taught me that I should use JOHNSON’S® Bedtime Bath followed by JOHNSON’S Bedtime Aqueous Lotion. This helps baby to sleep well!  All mum needs to add is a bedtime story and a kiss good night.  Thanks to her advice, keeping our babies happy is made easier. My mum also taught me that I should never leave home without my JOHNSON’S Baby Wipes in my bag.  They always come in handy!!!


Benny Skhosana:  Smear JOHNSON’S Baby Jelly on child’s eyelashes when asleep or going to bed, to soothe and stop styes sticking to eyelashes.  Apply it  under the feet, arm pits, on the chest and at the back.  To prevent cold and flu wrap around chest with soft linen/cloth.


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