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Why Your Baby Isn’t Sleeping Because of the Mattress

The mattresses that we chose to sleep on affect us in many ways as adults. Children are no different. Before I could find myself a good mattress, I had major issues that centered on my health and overall daytime performance. For toddlers, it is way more serious considering that they are in their growth phase.


It has been scientifically proven that most growth takes place in the night. Therefore, should your baby not have the right mattress for them, their growth will be adversely affected. Thankfully, the majority of people have finally understood why the quality of the mattress that they sleep on matters. And as such, parents can get ideas on finding the perfect crib bed for their toddlers on different online platforms or in mattress selling outlets.

There are various reasons why your baby is not sleeping because of their mattress such as:


Is it a Foam or Innerspring Mattress?

What type of mattress does your toddler sleep on? Babies need a mattress that will respond fast to change in sleeping position. There are different mattress varieties available, but two types stand out; innerspring and foam. They are appropriate because they offer the right amount of firmness to support the baby’s’ weight and are responsive to their change in sleeping position. A mattress that does not offer this will make the baby agitated and therefore not able to sleep.


Is it an Organic or Inorganic Mattress?

It is possible that your baby isn’t sleeping because he’s reacting to the fibers used to manufacture the mattress. Parents are often challenged on whether to go for an organic or inorganic mattress. Either way, a pediatrician or mattress specialist can help answer the question for you. It all depends on your baby and the allergies that they may have.

Organic mattresses are good, but you must ensure that they are certified to be purely organic. Some synthetic mattresses are also good if your baby won’t be affected by the fibers used.


How Much Does Your Baby Weigh?

There’s a strong relationship between the baby’s body weight and the mattress. A good mattress, even for adults, must be capable of supporting one’s body weight. When the bed can no longer support your baby comfortably, he will have a challenge sleeping well.


Have You Checked The Mattress’ Ventilation?

If your baby isn’t sleeping well, chances are that the bed is poorly ventilated. Babies are sensitive to the air that they breathe. Therefore, should a mattress not be well ventilated, and since their immune system isn’t well developed, they will be exposed to infections which will also cause them to be ill. They are also sensitive to heat which makes them uncomfortable and unable to sleep.


What Is The Level Of Firmness of Their Bed?

Contrary to our thinking, baby’s need firm mattresses. Yes, most of us might reason that since babies are delicate, a soft mattress would suffice. This is not the case; they need a mattress that will offer support and comfort. However, it shouldn’t be too firm. So now you know that he may not be sleeping because his bed doesn’t have the right amount of firmness.


How Old is the Mattress?

An old mattress won’t work for your toddler, period. The mattress may be too old and therefore, cause him not to sleep comfortably.

Babies are sensitive and should be treated with care. When they are uncomfortable, even during sleep, they don’t enjoy a quality life. When you notice your baby having trouble sleeping, first consider these pointers, you may be surprised that it’s just the mattress!



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