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Dear Dad(s), We miss you!

I still remember that day, albeit not too clearly, but the hazy memories remain.

Our home was filled with visitors on that day, family and friends, some 18 or so years (many tears) ago and my sisters (Angela and Millie) and I were still in the dark as to why people kept coming to our house that week.

The specific day of the week is not fresh in my mind neither is the weather or the exact people who were there, but the feeling still finds its way into my heart every so often. I was only 6 years old and in class one, my elder sister was in class 3 and the eldest was in class 7 and probably had an idea of what was really going on.

You see, my dad, Dr. Wilfred Munoru had been sick for a while and all I knew was that he was having problems with his stomach.

At that young age, I probably figured he would bounce right back, but I cannot really remember that. What I do remember is on that day, my beautiful mother (Lucy) called her daughters away from the guests and asked that we join her in her room.

I vaguely recall the door being shut and my mum telling us that my father had passed away. Although I could not fathom what she had said to us, I will never forget the moment my sisters began to cry and I started to cry as well, not fully comprehending the heaviness of the issue. It was an extremely sad day for my family.

But what I do recall is the days when he used to beat us with a belt when we were being very naughty. He was a bit harsh but I am sure my sisters have a more vivid memory of this because well, they were older…and naughtier.

He always demanded the best from us and so did my lovely mother and that is how we grew up to be intelligent angles we are.

I also remember this tradition we practiced during our birthdays. Although I did not share many with him, I remember we would buy cake and snacks and drive to Uhuru Gardens where we would celebrate our birthdays as a family. It was never anything big but it was very special. He will forever be remembered and forever be missed, may his soul forever rest in eternal peace.

What I will always remember is that my mother is the strongest woman I know; a true warrior. She single-handedly brought up an amazing bunch of girls who are very special. She is appreciated more than she knows and I pray that God’s favor will forever be upon her because He is the father we had, and always will have.

At that time we were just three angels, but now we are four, Noella joined us some fourteen years ago. As you may guess, we did not share the same father, but sadly, her dad became sick and passed away back in 2006; Christmas day, may his soul rest in eternal peace.

Therefore, as we celebrate our dads today, alive or gone this Father’s Day, let us thank God for the opportunity to experience the love of a father.

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