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6 Reasons Mums are Flocking to The Karen Hub Mall

I know what you’re thinking – another mall in Nairobi? Surely we have more than we could ever need in every possible corner of this city!

Depending on how one actually defines a mall, there are dozens and many more coming on stream in the next few years. On a whim, I decided to trek across town with my family to find out whether the excitement around the newly opened Karen Hub was all hype or grounded in substance. Even with only half the stores open, it was such an incredible experience for families and every mum wants to give their kids new experiences,

1. Let’s applaud the design first

Nestled in a woody area, the Karen Hub has managed to strike a good balance of creating open natural spaces while constructing quite a large structure. I literally cheered as I walked past shops where you can enjoy our lovely weather and not feel closed in with artificial light as with most other malls. Towards the back of the mall they’ve created a small lake that is not only beautiful to look at but also offers kayaking. But the biggest ‘wow factor’ design-wise is the central courtyard which instantly draws you in. This is where you can imagine attending large events under the stars in the future but for now you can sit and enjoy a meal at the side while watching your kids run around, skate board or ride those fake horse bouncy thingys.

Karen Hub arcade

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2. There’s cool stuff for kids of all ages

Starting with the free and instantly accessible mall wifi for kids of all ages (ahem), it was interesting to notice the diversity of ages enjoying other aspects to the mall. The courtyard has appeal for everyone and as you go upstairs to ‘Funscapes’ you’ll be blown away by the curb appeal of this arcade/ride space. There’s so much going on ranging from a planetarium to spinning tea cups and a magic carpet ride. Everyone from toddlers to tweens could while away the hours here and the tiered pricing allows for a few hours of fun for as little as 200 bob.


3. Baby friendly

For anyone with a baby, the logistics of deciding where to go and for how long based on amenities can drive you crazy. I was very impressed by not only the stroller-friendly large pathways around the entire mall but the family changing room is literally the best designed I’ve seen yet. It’s very clean, spacious, has a toilet and sink not only for the parents but also pint sized for kids. Hurrah, at least one time I don’t have to struggle lift my toddler to grown up sinks while carrying an infant. Don’t’ get me started on the places that use extra store rooms and call them baby changing rooms – if you can’t wash your hands, it doesn’t count.


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