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9 Inspiring Breastfeeding Stories you need to read

A new mum’s breastfeeding experience can be a breeze, a hurdle or something in between. Some mums take to it like a fish out of water, while others struggle through the pain.

We have a roundup of inspiring breastfeeding confessions and lessons from different mums who have shared their experience with us in the past.


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  1. My Breastfeeding Success against all Odds

A Kenyan mother shares her touching story of breastfeeding through all the difficulties she went through and turned it all into a success.

2. Breastfeeding is Hard

“It begins with excruciating pain as the baby learns to latch on. Every time they grab the nipple, you want to scream, push them away from your breast and cry. Not necessarily in that order. The only thing that keeps you from following through with this is looking at the little, wriggly mass in your arms; eyes tightly shut, little fists flailing in the air and a mouth desperately searching for your breast.” Wangari Mwaura shares her breastfeeding experience.

3. Can I breastfeed with Inverted Nipples?

“It not uncommon for mothers with inverted or flat nipples to experience discomfort and even some degree of pain when the baby has latched on correctly. This is due to the separation of the nipple from the surrounding skin as it is drawn outwards by the baby’s sucking motion” Josephine Karoki answers this question that affect alot of mothers.



Cabbage is more than flatulence



4. Natural Remedy for Engorgement

Has anyone heard of Cabbage leaves as the natural remedy for engorgement? Lactation Specialist, Lindsay Baker shares some quick points and pictures that you will find quite useful.

5. 5 Valuable Tips for Nursing in the Wild

“As I left my proud, brave and terrified fiance with our 6 day­ old baby and shuffled back to the maternity ward at midnight in my pyjamas to be diagnosed with mastitis, I was told: ‘I’m sorry, the only cure for the bleeding nipple is to carry on nursing… (ouch!) Don’t worry, it’ll get easier as she learns how to feed properly. Soon you won’t have to think about the latch, it’ll just happen.”



6. 5 Mantras for the Expressing Mum

“No one will ever thank you for the great job you are doing – not your partner, not your mother-in-law, not your nanny, definitely not your baby. Of course you understand that it’s your duty to feed your baby, but a word of gratitude once every blue moon will give you the fuel to carry on in this long and lonesome journey.”  Here are some quotes from Florence Bett that you can adopt during your breastfeeding journey.

7. Motherhood Confessions: I breastfed until she turned 3

“My daughter who’s now 3 and one month stopped breastfeeding exactly at 36 months. She hasn’t gotten ‘nyonyo’ off her mind though. Sometimes when I get home from work she snuggles on my chest and we both can’t help but reminisce over our ‘milking’ moments.”  Rose Wangui shares the benefits of breastfeeding her baby for 3 years.





8. How Bone Soup rescued my Milk supply

“No one could have prepared me for what happened after I gave birth. I had the impression that after a healthy pregnancy, once you start breastfeeding then milk supply would freely flow. I guess as a young mum I was misinformed.” Here is a new mum’s experience on how bone soup helped increase her milk supply.

9. Why the Rythm method might not be effective for Breastfeeding mums

“The rhythm method demands that you pinpoint your ovulation as accurately as possible so that you can avoid unprotected sex on those days.  This is difficult while breastfeeding.” For more, Valentine Njoroge expands on this.

Happy Breastfeeding!

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