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Important Routines That Will Make Your Child Responsible

Irresponsible adults are annoying to be around. They do not keep their promises, they are always late, they never get anything done right and they will never take liability of their own mistakes.

Helping your child grow into a responsible adult will enable him to succeed in all aspects of his adult life. It will also boost their confidence. Here are some of the daily activities to add to your routine if you want to raise a responsible child.


1. Cleaning up after their mess

Once your child accidentally spills something, do not be too reprimanding. Accidents happen. Other than giving her a towel to clean up, take up a towel too and help her clean. Other activities include picking up litter outside the house or clearing the crams off the table. When your child finds it hard to complete a task, you do not have to take over. Assist him or her to solve their difficulty and let them continue.


2. Helping around the house

Encourage the children to take up chores depending on how old they are. Responsibility develops gradually so you can start as early as you can introduce your little one to simple house chores. Make the chores fun and part of their daily routine so that the kids don’t see them as a burden. Lets the kids choose what activity they want to do. You can also list down all the activities you need the kids to do and at what time. This will help them learn early enough how to manage their time.

Age appropriate chores


Eunice a mother of two explains how she got her 3 year old daughter into a chore she loves. “My 3 year old daughter does curtain duty. When she wakes up in the morning, she is supposed to draw the curtains in the living room. She enjoys it because she loves climbing on the couch. Sometimes she opens and closes my bedroom curtains too. Every afternoon when it gets dark, she rushes to climb up and close the curtains. I ensure to always keep an eye on her when she does this just in case she needs some help. I also noted that she also keeps an eye on them. She doesn’t like anyone tampering with them during the day.”


3. Leading by example

If you do not procrastinate and keep to your promises, your child is more likely to do so as well. Let your kids learn from what you do every day. You can also take up community projects also, to show your kids responsibility to society.

In conclusion, reinforce responsibility by recognizing when your kids have done a good job. For this reason, give rewards for a job well done. Be firm and consistent with activities and bear in mind that you have to be patient with your kids.


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