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How Helpful Are Education Apps?

Whether we like it or not, learning is going digital. More schools in Kenya are taking up education software to make learning fun and hands on. Kids get to enjoy educative games while solving logical problems. They can also build their creative minds by creating pictures and playing around with colours without having to use crayons. These are just some of the learning tools available for our kids with more still yet to come. Overly stretched resources in many public schools have played a part in the increase of virtual tutors.


Using an education app has huge benefits to learners. They include the kids being able to learn more independently. The learners can also access more information that they would have. The virtual tutor additionally enables the child to learn at their own pace. Using a learning application at home is also convenient and affordable.


There is no in-depth research on the long term negative effects of digital learning in Kenya. This begs the question. How sure are we that apps add value to our kid’s lives in the long run? The app could just be entertaining your child, keeping them occupied without acquiring any life lessons. Educational app creators are increasing and digital learning is becoming the new trend. As more classroom software is expected to be created, there is a possibility of compromise in quality.

Parting Words

Do not keep your fingers crossed when it comes to digital learning. Just as we keenly pick books for our kids, we also need to be keen on the apps our kids are using. Take precaution to ensure that they are using apps that will actually build them. Here are helpful tips to do so. A good educational app should encourage not just online but offline leaning too. It should suggest offline activities for kids to enable them learn more about particular topics from their environment.

The apps need to be on the same page as the school syllabus. Confirm that the content is actually educational and relevant to what your kids learn at school. Use the app with your child. This way, you can have a better look at it. Take note of the kind of characters, games and activities in the app. Do you feel they have a good influence on your child? Watch out for violence and offensive language too. Some of the other things to look out for include grammatical errors and misleading answers.

One of the most important aspects to consider when buying an app for education is its source. The company or individuals behind it should have a background in education. If they have created educational materials before, then that is a plus.

”Technology itself will never be the solution; it is just a tool to help teachers empower our students.” noted Cigdem Ertem Intel’s Africa and Middle East Business Development Director. This was in her speech during the launch of The Intel® Explore and Learn Application. This app is meant to provide learner’s access to educational content relevant to the Kenyan syllabus.

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