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The Health Benefits of Blueband instant porridge for your Weaning Baby

Weaning your child comes with its own fair share of struggles and one of them is making sure your little one’s diet is healthy, filling and nutritious. This makes the question of feeding your baby a regular chore that fills many mothers with constant questions as to whether what they are doing is the right thing. With the internet having so many feeding guides available at the swipe of a finger, mothers have a lot of information at their fingertips and this can get a little bit overwhelming. How do you know what’s right for your little one and whether it’s safe and healthy? In such situations, there is only one thing that has been tried and tested through time and has always been a go-to for mums across Kenya.

You guessed right…porridge!

Porridge is a safe and highly nutritious choice for several mums, especially for weaning. There are several ways to make porridge but for a busy mum or a fussy baby who needs to feed ASAP, one way is a sure win, instant porridge. With every mum’s needs in mind, the new Blueband Instant Porridge is the way to ensure your baby has a safe and healthy meal that can be ready in less than 2 minutes. What’s more, it is packed with many health benefits for your weaning child and we have broken it down for you below:

It comes packed with fortified nutrients

Blueband Instant Porridge is fortified with 10 vitamins and 5 minerals. It contains a good amount of phosphorus and calcium which are perfect for the health of your baby’s bones. It also contains iron which offers nourishment to the red blood cells and helps in metabolism; Zinc which is significant in keeping the immunity strong; Iodine for brain and bone development and selenium which reduces inflammation. Getting a daily dose of the Blueband Instant Porridge will equip your child with all the B-complex vitamins for maximum energy production and good metabolism as well.

Low calories

The instant porridge gives your baby a rich breakfast for an appropriate number of calories. While your baby is kept full for several hours, they stay healthy with the right amount of carbohydrates for energy and a modest amount of fats and proteins for a truly balanced meal.

Fullness through fiber

The fiber content in the porridge provides an important health benefit – it makes it more satisfying – keeping your child satiated for longer and helps in fighting constipation, therefore, ensuring regular digestion for your little one.

Easily adaptable

Falling into a diet rut is easy, not just for babies but for adults as well. Reaching out for your Blueband instant porridge might just be the answer. You can prepare your instant porridge with different savoury flavours and create unique combinations. Personally, I prefer my instant porridge with some Blueband peanut butter and a few banana slices. Yum!

How to make it

You can prepare the Blueband Instant Porridge in 6 easy steps:
Step 1: Boil water
Step 2: Add a small amount of hot water to baby’s feeding bowl
Step 3: Add the desired amount of Blueband instant porridge to the hot water
Step 4: Stir until a smooth paste is formed
Step 5: Add hot water to the paste to your desired consistency and keep stirring
Step 6: Add sugar or and some BlueBand margarine to taste and for a burst of additional nutrients.

You can get your pack of Blue Band Instant porridge at any major leading outlets in Nairobi.


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