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8 Steps to Help your Child Readjust to School

School anxiety among children is normal. It may manifest itself through crying in the school morning or complaining of a stomach ache on Monday.

If your child has just joined a new school, withdrawal and poor performance may also be indicators that he is having trouble readjusting. This anxiety can be prevented and minimized. Here are 8 tips to help you do that.

1. Do not take too long to pick him up from school

If your child is having trouble getting back to the school mode, the first thing he wants to see when school ends is his mum or dad. If you delay in collecting him, he will only become more anxious.

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2. A good night’s rest

Having a good night sleep enables your child to wake up early, happy and well rested in the morning.

They will be more alert during the day and won’t throw tantrums when they have to say goodbye to school. Before school starts, you can begin to establish sleeping and waking up routine so as to make it easier for him during the school days.

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3. Special time

Take some time off your phone and computer and let her talk about her day. Before she wakes up for school, give her all our attention with a few minutes of snuggling in bed.


4. Reassure her

School anxieties may be caused by something that might seem ridiculous. For instance, she might think that once she leaves for school, her parents will disappear. When saying goodbye, assure her that you will come back. Let her know you love her, tell her to have a good time and remind her when you will be picking her up. Remember to be friendly but firm.




5. Read and share experiences

Read to your child books related to school. For instance, David Goes To School by David Shannon, Welcome To Kindergarten by Anne F. Rockwell and My First Day at Nursery School by Becky Edwards. Also, tell her positive stories of how hard it was for you in school as well. This should make her open up about her experience at school.


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6. Let the teacher know

Inform your child’s teacher that your child is having problems settling in. The teacher should then begin to pay particular attention to him so as to provide the necessary assistance.



7. Make it a team effort

If you are getting your child to a new school, then involve them in selecting schools. This will make it easier for them to adjust when the time comes. Help them make friends in their new school by arranging play dates.



8. Be organized

Ensure that you have all you need for the school mornings put in order the night before. Have the uniform ironed, the shoes polished and anything else your child might require in the morning, ready. This will help to make the mornings less confused and stressful for everyone.

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In most cases, within a few weeks, kids will have readjusted to school. However, if your child still has school anxiety, you can consider other factors.

She might be experiencing bullying or is afraid of talking about something she is uncomfortable within school.


In such a situation, let your child talk about her day so that you can note the problem. If you still cannot find it, talk to the school counselor or a psychologist.


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