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A Step by Step Guide to Childproof your Home

Children generally like to explore so you can expect them to run around the house, make a mess or break a few things.  The first step towards helping your children stay unharmed is to childproof your home

In the midst of all the fun and games, accidents and injuries are not uncommon. While some could be minor, other tip over accidents around the house may be fatal. Here is what you need to know in order to childproof your home and protect children from heavy household items falling and injuring them while in the house.

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What is a tip over accident?

This is when unrestrained furniture, electronics and appliances fall on children, causing serious injury and even death.

Accidents happen primarily when children:

  • Climb on heavy household items such as an open set of drawers, dresser, chest, sideboard or the cabinet.
  • Hit, pull or kick items around the house which could include pulling the television, kettle or iron cord, hitting a glass door or mirror with a hard object as well as pulling pans from a hot stove
  • Play near pieces like the oven, stove or a sharp cornered table or counter top


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Tips on how to help prevent tip-over accidents at home

  • Mount or anchor televisions to the wall or furniture.
  • Only place televisions on furniture designed to hold them.
  • Don’t place tempting items, such as candy, toys or remotes, on top of large furniture or on high shelves.
  • Always unplug and tuck away cords to prevent children from pulling down electronics.
  • Check your stove’s stability (as a precaution) Additionally, turn away the pot and pan handles from the child while you are cooking, you may never know when they might reach out for them.


  • Teach children not to climb on or play around furniture, televisions and appliances.

Consider an inbuilt wardrobe or bolt the dressers and drawers to the wall instead so as to keep them from falling on the kids.

Children will also fall off from a sofa, cot, a highchair or even the changing tables so don’t place these items near the window. Do not let them play in the bedroom especially when there is a bunk bed and ladder. What’s more, if you own a bunk bed, you can carpet the floor or remove items around the bed so that in case of a fall, the injuries are minimal.

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Ensure that your child’s high chair is stable to protect them from tipping over and that the child is always securely fastened. Keep note that it is possible for children to tip over from a baby walker while they try to maneuver through an uneven surface so always keep an eye on them.

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Joyce, a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 5 explains, “The minor incidents around the house included the kids shutting their fingers on a door while playing with the shelves and drawers. The most serious incident however, was when my youngest daughter fell into the mirror while playing in my bedroom with her siblings. She got quite a number of cuts and bruises but nothing too serious, thank God.

Falling head first on the floor from the bed and seats is also quite common with my grand-kids that’s why I always advise on keeping the bedrooms carpeted. My advice to mums, accidents happen in seconds so never let your young child off your site or older kids play unsupervised!”

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