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5 Tips To Help You Master Exclusive Pumping

Exclusive pumping is a learning process, especially when you have to navigate carrying the pumping equipment wherever you go, pumping at work, sneaking away to pump, trying not to spill any of the liquid gold on your way home and having to explain to people about the weird noise that’s your breast pump.


However, this can be the only option for mums with latching issues, too much milk or other reasons that may hinder mums from directly breastfeeding. So, how can mums make it work?



1. Stay Committed

In the beginning, while you establish your milk supply, you can feel chained to the equipment as you pump eight, 10, even 12 times a day. As frustrating as it is, pumping exclusively means that at times you have to wake up as early as 4 or 5 am to pump especially if you’re going to work. It also means that you have to have a stock of milk bottles and learn how to sanitize them quickly and neatly. 

In order for exclusive pumping to work, you will find a rhythm and develop time-saving tricks such as pumping and having your breakfast simultaneously. 


2. Set a Schedule and Mini-Goals For Yourself

Your first goal can be to pump exclusively for 3 months to test how you as a mum responds to it, how the baby responds to bottle feeding and figure out a pumping schedule that works for both of you. Once you figure out the schedule, it’s easier to follow and adjust according to the baby’s needs. 


We recommend these BPA free Dr Brown’s Bottles to get you started on your pumping and storage journey.


3. Plan Ahead And Have A Pumping Area

Will the children need snacks or changing in the middle of pumping? Will they need attention or cuddles? These are questions to ask yourself and cater to before you start your pumping sessions. In addition to this, having a pumping area signals to the children that mum’s busy or she’s in a “Do Not Disturb(DND) zone”.





4. Use Coconut Oil or Lanolin cream To Soothe Your Nipples

When you’re pumping too many times a day, exclusive pumping can start to feel like it’s running your day. Moreover, your nipples start speaking to you. They start complaining. Which is why you need to invest in Lanolin to soothe your nipples, protect them against cracking and dryness and keep your supply flowing.


5. Let your Partner Join the Party

When you’re breastfeeding, it is simply a necessity that you get up to feed the baby in the middle of the night. However, if your fridge is full of breast milk, your partner can also answer those 3 a.m. hunger cries, letting him embrace bottle feeding while bonding with the little one and giving you an extra hour or two of precious sleep. It’s definitely worth it. You’ll also find that it will give you more freedom to focus on yourself knowing that your baby will be well-fed wherever you go. 


When you can’t seem to get the hang of breastfeeding and nursing, find online support networks to help you and guide you. You’ll learn so much from other mums and the sense of community will be fulfilling. Have you ever pumped exclusively and what was your experience?


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