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5 Hospitals in Nyeri offering Maternity Services.

Having a new member in the house is the most exciting experience. Delivering your baby in a good health facility keeps you reassured and comfortable as you await the arrival of your bundle of joy. You are probably searching for the right hospital in Nyeri to visit offering the best maternity services.

Here are the top five most recommended hospitals with the best maternity services ensuring that you and your newborn are safe during and after delivery.

1.PCEA Tumutumu Hospital.

Their prices are affordable for both Normal delivery and caesarian section.

The Hospital offers a serene environment for their patients. The hospital gives a well-prepared and well-balanced diet for their patients. The maternity unit is well equipped to provide services for mothers just before, during and after delivery.

Location: Tumutumu, Kirimukuyu road, Mathira.

Open Hours: 24 Hours

2. Jamii Hospital.

The hospital is located in a calm environment that favors a patient’s health. The delivery cost is quite affordable.

The hospital’s maternity unit is well equipped. It offers a well-balanced diet for its patients.

Location: Outskirts of Karatina town, Kuguru road.

Open Hours: 24 Hours

3. Outspan Hospital.

The Nyeri Outspan Hospital is a private health facility that is a one-stop-shop for delivery of healthcare facilities. It is highly recommended for its superb services especially in the maternity unit.  The hospital offers a clean environment with dedicated and professional staff.

The hospital offers affordable maternity charges. The maternity unit is well equipped and they also offer a private wing. The hospital offers a well-balanced diet.

Location: Nyeri town.

Open Hours: 24 hours

4. Mt. Kenya Hospital.

The maternity charges are affordable. It gives great services for the mothers during pregnancy and after delivery.

The hospital prepares a well-balanced diet for the patients. The staff are all professionals hence giving the best health care services.

Location: Mumbi road, Nyeri.

5. Nyeri County Referral Hospital.

Nyeri county referral hospital is a level 5 government hospital that is situated in a serene environment on the outskirts of Nyeri town.

The maternity unit is well equipped with an additional beyond zero truck hence offering better health care services.

Location: Ruringu, Kimathi way, Nyeri.


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