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Ask a Nutritionist : Would you recommend Baby-led Weaning?

We realize how personal and important nutrition really is in your baby’s journey to health and wellness. That is why we have Nutrition Expert,  Esther Kimani answer all the questions you may have in maintaining a healthy weaning experience for your babies,

What is baby-led weaning? Would you recommend it? What foods would you suggest we start with?

Baby-led weaning involves you letting your baby feed themselves finger food right from the start of introducing complementary foods. With this kind of weaning, babies skip the smooth food phase (blended or mashed food) and learn to eat lumps and chew from the beginning.  I would recommend it for parents who would like their babies to get autonomous early.  Baby is also able to eat family foods right from 6 months. Some food you can start with include  steamed with little oil carrots, broccoli florets, courgettes, potato slices, ugali piece, pancake, fruits like banana, mangoes, large strawberries etc


Would you recommend pre-packed baby food from supermarkets? As a mum what should I look for on the label?

As much as possible, you should try and cook fresh foods for your baby as the nutrients are better maintained in fresh food.  Once in a while if you buy the pre-packaged food ensure that you check the expiry date, check for nutritional information, should have no added salt and sugar and check for additives that may trigger allergic reactions like soya and nuts.

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What is the recommended water intake for my child from 6 months to 5 years?

For babies less than 1 year, Ideally you should give this baby no more than 2 oz (60 ml) of water at one time and no more than 4 oz (125 ml) of water a day. Too much water will fill the baby up and leave no space for milk. For the toddler, they need larger drinks (e.g. 250–300 ml serving). The best way to tell if the baby is getting enough fluids is to check his urine. If he is getting enough, his urine will be light-coloured or colourless. 

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Since I started weaning my toddler, he has serious constipation issues, even though we give him water.  After how many days should we go see a doctor if my toddler can’t poop?

Constipation in babies can sometimes be caused by an intolerance to some foods.  Keep a food diary and use the process of elimination to find the culprit.   Give enough fibre from fruits, oats, green leafy vegetables and prunes.  See your doctor if your child has a firm belly that is painful to touch and refuses to eat.


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Got questions about a healthy weight, healthy eating or anything about nutrition and food for your baby? Comment below and we will get you in touch with Nutrition Expert, Esther Kimani.

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