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Ask a Nutritionist : How do I create a weaning plan for my baby?

ask a nutritionist

We realize how personal and important nutrition and the right weaning plan are in your baby’s journey to health and wellness. That is why we have Nutrition Expert,  Esther Kimani answers all the questions you may have in maintaining a healthy weaning experience for your babies.


What are the 5 things every parent should know before creating a weaning plan?






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What foods should I avoid when thinking of creating a weaning plan? Are there high allergy foods as opposed to others?

You can delay introducing some foods to prevent allergic reactions.

Something to note for your weaning plan, nuts, seafood and honey are more likely to cause a severe allergic reaction and should be avoided in the early months of introducing solids.

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When creating a weaning plan, what are some of the pre-existing weaning myths mothers/ parents should be aware of?


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Got questions about a healthy weight, healthy eating or anything about nutrition and food for your baby? Comment below and we will get you in touch with Nutrition Expert, Esther Kimani.

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