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5 Ways to Keep your Preschooler Active this Holiday

The season most mums are indifferent about is here : the holidays!

We all enjoy going back home after work to endless stories of what happened while you were away or while the little ones were at school. It is a different scenario when they are home 24/7, running all about the house and causing “mayhem.”

Mideva Basweti, a mother of two, asked me what she could do with both her preschooler girls home for the holiday. Well, here’s a list of 5 things they could engage in during the holiday period :

  1. Arts and Crafts : It is the vacation season.  How about you get your child to help in making homemade cards? Grab manila paper (or if you fancy, the glossy paper), a pair of scissors, glues and water colors. Let’s get started. You could also enroll them into an art class if there’s one right up your alley.Indian-boy-with-painted-hands
  1. Memory Games : It may be time to relax, but we need to engage our preschoolers into a tad more of brain activity. Try getting your child to play a game like actionary: where they act out words or characters from their favorite story books. You could also try pictionary and charades.
  1. Family Fun Activities : Sign up for family related events such as family fun fairs and fun runs. Leave the house. Go cycle in the woods. Go mingle with fellow parents as you watch your children make new friends. It’s the most satisfying feeling to know your preschooler loves to share.  family-bycling
  1. Music and Dance Lessons : Is she always walking on her tiptoes? Is he always humming to tunes you do not even know of? Well, that’s a sign that you should enroll your preschooler to music or dance class. All children have a talent – the point of discovery is what varies. Discover and exploit your child’s talent this holiday.
  1. Nature Walks : We’ve been made to believe that nature walks entail hiking or visiting game parks. That does not always have to be the case. Take a walk in your neighborhood. Teach your child on colors and the different flowers they see. Or  inquire on what new thing they’ve discovered during the walk. Let them know that a specific flower or fruit is poisonous. By the time you get back home, your preschooler has better observation skills and familiarity of their immediate environment. And just to mention, both you and your child have had time to marvel at God’s beautiful creation.


What fun activities do you enjoy doing with your kids in the holidays? Share in the comments below

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