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Enjoy Your Pregnancy, It Only Lasts Nine Months

“The result is positive. Congratulations!”

And with those four words, your life is forever changed. Pregnancy is different for each lady; there are those who will enjoy it, those who will endure it, and others who struggle through virtually every moment of their pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a thing of wonder.

A child is growing within you! As days go by you will move from being somewhat flat bellied and wondering if you are really pregnant, to having a slight bump and wondering how come people can’t tell that you are pregnant just by looking at you, to the point where your belly is so big that it becomes irritating when people ask you if you are about to deliver and yet your due date is still 3 months away!

There are two points during pregnancy where nine months seem like an eternity; right at the start and towards the end. The second trimester is usually the most enjoyable as by then your morning sickness is a thing of the past, and you feel full of energy.



Pregnancy enables you to get away with almost anything.

You don’t have to stand in long queues. The moment you show up with your visibly pregnant belly, you are escorted to the front of the queue and you get served immediately. You will always have a seat when the room is packed to capacity. On public transport or at social functions some young person will be asked to give up their seat. Your comfort is a priority.


The downside is that people tend to forget that you are a normal human being, the only difference being that you are carrying a baby. Some people will expect you to be moody for no apparent reason or to be excessively fragile and exhausted. This can be awkward because every pregnancy is different and individuals experience either no strange symptoms or a wide spectrum of unique challenges. You may or may not be faced with grappling with erratic hormones, cravings and moods. But either way you just want to be treated like yourself.




Keep in mind that those nine months can be filled with body and image issues, lack of energy, and sleepless nights. Do your best to dress up your baby bump so that you look pretty; it will help you feel pretty too. Listen to your body and try to get as much rest as you possibly can to accommodate and adapt to all these changes.


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