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How to Make your Own Health ‘Bucket List’

The term ‘kicking the bucket’ is fairly well known and was popularized by two men in a 2007 movie. They had terminal illnesses, and decided to actualize their dreams before kicking the bucket. They came up with a ‘bucket list’ of stuff they wanted to do before they died.

You can borrow a leaf from the two gentlemen and come up with a bucket list for your own health. This would translate into optimal health for most of your days. You won’t need to wait until you are in the process of dying to really live your life.




You can live it here and now, by consciously taking simple steps to keep ahead with your health. Your health bucket list should be stuffed with simple strategies that require minimal effort on your part. Start by evaluating your current status of health. Are there things you could do to be healthier? Are you predisposed to certain ailments, and could you benefit from some preventive strategies?




Do you keep yourself up to date with general health screening tests?It’s not just your own health that should concern you. Your bucket list should also contain health strategies for your family, friends, and your community as well.

Build in some physical activity every day. Being active will get you away from many diseases, ranging from heart disease to diabetes and cancer. Combine physical activity with a healthy diet. Both these strategies will keep your weight in check, further negating a multitude of diseases.



Avoid intoxicating yourself to premature death. You already know what to avoid: tobacco smoking, excessive drinking and hard drugs. True, there is some pleasure with the occasional indulgence. But you must draw a line between measured enjoyment and over-indulgence. Tobacco and alcohol are major causes of preventable deaths.

Take your pick, either take them in moderation or be carefree and run the risk of kicking your bucket unexpectedly.

Get yourself some good health cover. This will facilitate prompt checks on any unusual symptoms that may creep up now and again. The earlier some illnesses are nipped in the bud, the greater the chance of cure. Always seek healthcare with the best facilities that you can afford, and with the best of specialists. There is a good degree of medical incompetence around, you want to avoid this.

Don’t be selfish, other people’s health is your business too. Advocate for better public health services, affordability and access for everyone. There are many ways of doing this. You have less risk of catching a transmissible disease if your neighbour doesn’t have it. Healthier communities translate into more productivity, improved economy and much more.

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