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In Doubt? 6 Signs You are Pregnant.

Pregnancy can be described as both a scary and amazing journey depending on the stage you are in, in life. Of course there isn’t really a sure way of telling if you are pregnant, other than a proper pregnancy test. However if you are not ready to pee on a stick, here are a few indicators.





  1. Fatigue

You’ll find yourself constantly feeling tired and generally without doing any energy draining activities. Fatigue can however be an indicator of other things but combined with the following could mean a baby is on the way!


  1. Nausea 

Unless you have Rota-virus, nausea and vomiting are a dead giveaway. Most women experience it early but others don’t.





  1. Sore Breasts

If your period is late and you find yourself always trying to relieve the pain in your breasts by rubbing them, chances are, you’re pregnant. Your body is preparing to cater for your child thus your milk glands will swell causing the soreness, discomfort and growing out of your bra.


  1. Cravings

Cravings can also be popular when one is on their period but often indicate pregnancy. Sometimes the cravings could be normal like chocolate or could be absurd like rubber, sponge and toothpaste.






  1. Spotting 

Finding a little of blood on your undies can be a sign. Don’t panic! Spotting is considered normal in the days following conception.


  1. Increased urination

Do you find yourself making frequent trips to the bathroom despite normal water intake? Could be you’re pregnant. Frequent urination is attributed to pressure on the bladder from the growing uterus and extra blood flow causing the kidneys to produce more urine.





That said, planned or unplanned, to be sure whether or not there is a bun in the oven, ensure you visit a clinic and have a test done.


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Pregnancy & Parenting

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