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Our content, resources, downloadable guides aims to help every mum in her pregnancy journey. We equip yo with expert advice at every stage of your pregnancy and after. Let’s explore some of the best stories and resources MumsVillage has to offer.


Maternity Packages

1. 2019 Edition: 15 Maternity Packages For Hospitals in Nairobi

Having a great maternity package and comfortable services makes a big difference in a woman’s birth experience. Here are a few suggestions for the maternity packages offered in Nairobi Hospitals.

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Maternity packages take some of the guess work out of potentially lengthy hospital fees. Here are some hospital offering maternity services in the Mombasa area.
Read more here.
3. Understanding Maternity Insurance
Understanding Maternity expenses can be difficult for a first time mum. Here are guidelines that will help you know how to manage your costs and with or without Maternity Insurance.
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Pregnancy Stories

1.  My Journey With a Preemie Baby Part 1

As a parent to a preemie baby nothing is more exciting than bringing your baby home from hospital. Risper shares her. touching story raising a preemie baby

Click here to read part 1 of her story


2. My First Child Birth Felt Like Assault!

Childbirth can get to a point of emotional and physical assault when a woman is stripped off, of the right to informed consent. Have you ever been robbed of your right to make a choice for your unborn baby? Read more of this story here.




3. 5 Things I Have Learnt From My Pregnancy

Pregnancy has a way of teaching you things about your body that you never expected. Soon to-be mum Asha shares her learnings. Click here to read.


4. When an Ectopic Pregnancy Turns Tragic

Ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage are a parent-to-be’s worst nightmare. Dr. Alfred Murage narrates of one couple’s ordeal. Read more here.


5.  In Memory Of My Unnamed Angel

“I was not ready to have another baby. My husband and I embraced the news with mixed feelings. But what happened next I could never have imagined.” Click here to read more.


Pregnancy Guides

1. Hospital Packing Checklist

When you go into labour the last thing you need is to worry about forgetting something in your hospital bag. Download this guide to ensure you have everything packed.


2. What To Expect in Each Pregnancy Week

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Pregnancy Expert Advice

1. Eating For Two? Essential Nutrients For Your Pregnancy Diet

Confused about what to eat when you’re pregnant? Don’t look far, We got you! Find out how these foods and nutrients benefit you and your baby.


2. Esther Kimani: Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes is a common medical condition that afflicts an increasing number of pregnant women in Kenya.  Read more about this condition here.



3. Your Pregnancy Diet: How To Eat Healthy

Here are great tips as well as the meal plan you need for a healthy pregnancy prepared by Nutritionist June Mueni Mutua. Get the tips here.


4. Ask The Expert: Will IVF Cause a Multiple Pregnancy

IVF increases the chances of multiple pregnancy. Find out whether this particular intervention is for you here.



5. Expert Perspective: Is Alcohol Okay During Pregnancy

Is Alcohol Okay during pregnancy? Learn more from Dr.Murage.


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