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Dear Parents : Don’t Take it Personally, Let the Toddlers Play!

Bae is my little three-year- old daughter. For all those who know, she can be quite a handful… then again aren’t all toddlers that age? I was told that once she gets past terrible twos it would be smooth sailing…. THEY LIED!!!

Over the holiday we were at mum’s and she was having the time of her life wrecking havoc with my seven year old brother. One night I came home and found that her little uncle had decided to become a stylist and chopped off the hair at the front, sides and back of her head. Yes. My baby has a random patch of hair in the middle of her head and there’s absolutely nothing I’m going to do about it even though everyone feels I should just shave everything off.

A seven-year- old and a three-year- old are a recipe for disaster. I used to scream a lot around the house until one day I just stopped. It didn’t seem to make much of a difference when I lost my voice and my head. They’d probably get moved for 2.5 seconds flat then go in to break something else.

I’ve learnt to save my scary face for something major. Major referring to a life altering “Don’t jump off the roof” type of life altering. Other than that I’m learning to keep my cool.

I stopped screaming the day they both came from the garden each holding a worm of sorts. I was about to get my serious face on until I saw them giggling and running towards me to show me their new friends hiding in their dirt covered hands. They were so pleased with their discovery that I didn’t have the heart to shout at them. I stared at their hands and gave enough Ooooohs and Aaaaaahs as they both told me different tales about their adventure.

It hit me, these crazy things they do are just part of their learning process. I could be having little scientists in standing in front of me or just a bunch of naughty kids getting dirty but who am I to stop their fun? I wish life was that simple for me but it isn’t. For me, the world hits at me with bills and meetings, adulting… and more bills.

For the toddlers, the world is one big playground. Why ruin it for them? After all, the more you know the more you wash their tiny little hands.

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