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Christmas Donation Drive : The Toto Pendo Pack

It’s almost the end of the year and a time to be grateful for how far we have come by giving back to the society. Thinking of ways to do this? Here is a great start

The Toto Pendo Pack is given to expectant mums in maternity to assist them and the baby to have a fighting chance in the first 30 days of life.
This pack serves the purpose of: 
  • Baby clothes nappies and blankets  – to prevent exposure to cold and related diseases such as pneumonia which many little ones suffer from.
  • Cotton wool and chord ointment- this cleans and helps the umbilical cord to heal as there are babies that die from chord infection.
  • Bar soap- for hygiene purposes and to encourage mums to wash their hands before handling a baby so as to prevent contamination or infections being passed.
  • Breastfeeding– to encourage mums to breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months for healthy purposes
What they require to make the drive successful is:
  • Newborn – 6 months old baby clothes including warm socks and hats
  • Baby blankets (these would be highly appreciated as they have few)
  • Cloth nappies, liners, nappy fastener, pants.
  • Cotton wool, chord care ointment, bar soap.
  • The carry bags
NB: Everything counts but the baby blankets and bags are of utmost importance.
All Items and funds donated will be highly appreciated.

For Further information about giving a donation please contact Thitu Kariba- 0722711975

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