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The Best Board Games And Puzzles For Kids

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The best way for a child to learn is through hands-on experience and fun. Board games are capable of luring children away from the screen,  increasing a wide range of skills while being able to spend much-needed quality time with the family. 


If you are looking for a way to bring everyone together, a family game night might do the trick. To change things up, we have compiled a list of new and exciting board games for the entire family from the MumsvillageShop. Add some of these games to your family game night, enjoy a few laughs and get a friendly competition going.


1. National Geographic Kids Panda Super 3D Puzzle

From the Amazon rainforest to the African savannah, amazing animals are all around us. The National Geographic Kids Giant Panda Super 3D Puzzle immerses your child into a world of play, creativity through immersing them in the Animal Kingdom. Ages 5+

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2. Jigsaw Puzzle – Hedgehog

Struggling to minimize screen time, this puzzle might just be the answer to keep your child entertained, and learning through play! The Jigsaw puzzle – Hedgehog is made to fit without frustration, each unique piece joining to create a beautiful hedgehog puzzle. Ages 3 years +

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3. National Geographic Kids Duck-Billed Dinosaurs

Despite the mass extinction dinosaurs faced 65 million years ago, dinosaurs are still considered to be one of the most successful groups of animals in terms of longevity. This National Geographic Kids Duck-Billed Dinosaur 3D puzzle makes learning fun and accessible by teaching children about their environment, the history of dinosaurs, and the science of evolution. Ages 5+

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4. Wooden Rail Overpass

Building things is proven to help with cognitive development, making the Railway collection the perfect addition to your child’s playtime. The Wooden Rail Overpass gives a child a chance to create their own railway overpass, build the paths and explore new and imaginary destinations. The game contains 8 pieces, it’s made of high-quality wood that offers strength is long-lasting, and is durable. The game is suitable for children for over 36 months.

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5. Crayola Doodle Board

Give your toddler twice the creative fun with the My First Crayola Double Doodle Board. One side has a sealed gel surface for mess-free doodling and tactile play. The other side has a reusable drawing surface for creating with the included washable crayons.


The Tripod Grip Crayons help to promote the proper grip for writing. Simply wipe the surface to doodle again and again! Crayons completely wash from hands, clothing, and walls.  Ages 3 years +

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6. EVA Puzzle Mat- Large

EVA Puzzle Mat- Large comes in bright colours and contains numerals and letters of the alphabet in which your little one can make building blocks, puzzles, mats and learn a little. Ages 3 years +

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7. Match It Transportation Puzzle Set

The Match It Transportation Puzzle Set combines colour, pictures of various modes of transport and their names to create a puzzle that’s not only entertaining to young kids but also educational. It contains 30 self-correcting puzzle sets that guide the child while playing. Ages 3 years +

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8. Match It All About Me Puzzle Set

The Match It All About Me Puzzle Set combines color, pictures of their body parts, and their names to create a puzzle that’s not only entertaining to young kids but also educational. It contains 30 self-correcting puzzle sets that guide the child while playing. Ages 3 years +

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9. 4 Puzzles in a Box,

his entertainment puzzle toy for kids can develop kid’s children’s hand-eye coordination and improve their hands-on ability. It is also a great educational toy for toddlers to practice grasping, recognizing colors, and developing artistic cognition. Offering a wonderful DIY handmade experience for children, it is a great learning toy and birthday gift for kids over 4 years of age.

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10. English Logarithmic Wooden Board

Teach your preschooler how to count and learn English with the English Logarithmic Wooden Board! The English Logarithmic Wooden Board is a colourful board through which children can sort out different alphabets with their colours or through the rings and poles. Ages 3 years +

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These board games and toys make remote learning enjoyable and provide families with choices especially on rainy days. At MumsVillageShop, we curate mum and baby products that make parenting and motherhood easier, while giving parents a range of options.


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