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6 Apps for your Kids to Try Before the End of the Year

Looking for some cool apps to keep your children constructively engaged?

Here are the top 6 mum-approved apps our team has curated for your little one’s enjoyment.

  1. Oratio’s Flute Master.

Music is every child’s joy, be it singing or playing an instrument. They will enjoy entertaining themselves with this app. It teaches them how to play the recorder in simple basic steps.


2. Grandma’s Pre-School

This is a wonderful interactive app for preschoolers. It has educational games, like teaching the alphabets, colours and numbers. it also teaches kid’s different animals and the sounds they make. What makes it stand out even more is the no ads policy.

Available for: IPHONE + IPAD


3. Jobi’s Bistro

Work is fun – diligence is an important virtue that all kids should learn. With this app, they grow to be little entrepreneurs. They learn how to serve customers at a coffee shop, and get rewarded after a good job done. It is an educative mathematical app, where they learn easy subtraction, and addition of money. It teaches them how to chop vegetables, keep the kitchen clean and other skills.


4. Baby phone deluxe

This is one that I had to slide in for all iPhone mothers. This is a great mummy app. It is a baby monitor that does not need any internet connection. It works for an iPhone but can be received using any other android phone.

Available for: IPHONE.

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5. Tiny farm

This is an adventure game. Where little objects are hidden somewhere within the farm. This an app best for little explorers and farmers. It has tractors, farm animals and anecdotes. The little objects that are hidden in the farm are actually stories, fun interactive stories that the kids can hear and read. Check it out.

Available for: IPHONE, IPAD.

6. Eli Explorer.

This is a language app, for little kids learning how to talk. It is fit for kids age 2-5. It teaches them to learn their first 100 words, sight words, and short phrases in different languages. They have French, Spanish and many more languages. How cool is it if they could learn 1-10 in both English and French in a fun interactive game. I think it’s a really impressive app. 5 stars from me.

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