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You know what makes for a great bedtime routine?

A reliable series of events whose end result is helping your little one wind down so that they may easily drift off to sleep. You know what makes for a great addition to this routine? Any activity that facilitates the process. This is how Johnson ‘s (Lavender) Baby Oil became an integral part of “sleepy time.”

Being a second time mother, I am more confident in the choices I make when it comes to my daughter.

I know that I don’t want to waste time waiting to see if something will work for us. The first thing that sold me on Johnson’s Baby oil was the scent. It is mild, yet memorable. This means that my daughter doesn’t sneeze after its application yet has a beautiful, sort of faraway, scent that stays with her after her massage.

I also appreciate the fact that a little goes a long way.

As if keeping up with diapers isn’t task enough, the last thing you need is a product that threatens to break the bank. I love that a dash of the oil with leave baby’s skin looking supple after application. Speaking of, have you ever bought one of those aqueous creams that leave your baby’s skin looking white even after you have patiently massaged them into the baby’s skin? Every time I look at my little girl’s skin, post massage, soft and begging to be kissed, I am grateful that I do not need to worry about dabbing her down as is the case with products that just won’t blend.

Another plus, for me, is the effect the oil has had on her scalp.

Even on those days that I don’t give a full body bath owing to the weather, I make it a point to clean her scalp as she is still recovering from cradle cap. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the oil would loosen the dry flakes making it easier to brush them off after shampooing.

The residual smell of lavender on my hands long after my kiss goodnight is a reminder that little parts come together in the making of the perfect bedtime routine.

Ours wouldn’t be complete without Johnson’s Baby Oil.

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