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Your Baby at Week 2

This is your 2 week baby’s second week in your life. You are now settling into your groove with your little one.

Your baby is still spending most of his time sleeping and suckling. Your baby is shortsighted and can only see a couple of feet away, so stay close and do not worry if he does not make eye contact back. Your 2 week baby is adjusting to being curled up in utero and a great big world. This new environment with lights, noises and people takes some getting used to. However, in spite of all the commotion, your one week old will still be able to sleep through it.

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To support your 2 week baby’s development of skills, it is important to lay your baby not just on his back, but also on his tummy. This will strengthen his spine and neck. Your baby’s feeding habits will still be somewhat erratic, but continuing to feed him on demand will help boost your milk supply and to facilitate bonding. Within a 24-hour period, you can expect your baby to have 10 to 12 feeds and plenty of wet diapers. Some days your 2 week baby might not poop, but this is normal for exclusively breastfed newborns. It simply means that they are deriving maximum nutrition from your milk and nothing is wasted.

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If you are experiencing breastfeeding problems or you are having a hard time learning how to breastfeed a 2 week old baby or when he has a hard time latching and never seems to get full, now would be a good time to seek help from your gynaecologist and paediatrician during your clinic visits. You can also secure the services of a professional Breastfeeding Support Counselor. These women are well trained and they often give home visits to help you resolve any breastfeeding issues. But we as MumsVillage have made it simple, here is a link to midwives who would be more than happy to help you: Just Click Here!


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Remember to try to sleep when baby sleeps, and to focus on taking plenty of fluids in order to produce enough milk and to recuperate from birth. Also, this helps so that the stress of having a baby doesn’t get to you.

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